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EXCLUSIVE! Purchase Fine Art Prints with Edgar Cayce's Inspirational Quotes. Cayce's quotes along with Kelly Dunn's world renowned photography come together to create a stunning collection of prints and products.

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This is a self-extracting zip file of 27 Edgar Cayce quotes and images. Just follow the prompts and the images will be placed (by default) in the c:\EdgarCayceQuotes folder on your hard drive.

NOTE: This download is only for a computer. The download file is a self-extracting zip file. Once extracted, al 28 prints are placed into a folder name, edgarcayceprints. The entire drive link would look like this: c:\edgarcayceprints - If you have any questions please call (877) 888-6111 and we will help you!

We can email these free 28 Edgar Cayce prints to you. Please send request to EdgarCayce @ KellyDunn.Com

Use these images on your Desktop, as your Screen Saver and share them with your friends!

Note: These images are not to be sold or printed without expressed written consent from Edgar Cayce'sA.R.E., (Association for Research and Enlightenment) and photographer, Kelly Dunn.

Facebook - Edgar Cayce Photo Stream

These are a few of the images from our, "Edgar Cayce Inspirational Quotes" series. Mixed are images of seminars, classes, and the building going on in Virginia Beach, Virginia.


Edgar Cayce - Limited Edition - Original Kelly Dunn Giclee Canvas and Exhibition Premium Lustre Prints:

Please allow 4 - 6 weeks for custom framing, quality control and shipping.

Each print is signed by fine art photographer, Kelly Dunn. Each print will arrive with a C.O.A. (Certificate of Authenticity) signed and numbered by the artist, Kelly Dunn.

Standard Print Sizes for Gallery Giclee Canvas Prints and Exhibition Premium Lustre Prints:

11" x 14" - 16" x 20" - 24" x 36"

Custom sizes are available upon request.

Canvas Pricing

Gallery Giclee Canvas Prints - Superior canvas material created for giclee prints.

11" x 14" - $270.00

16"x 20" - $320.00

24" x 36" - $450.00

Frame Depth: 7/8 of an Inch.

We offer a  1 1/2"  frame if you want a larger depth frame. There is a nominal charge for this larger and heavier wooden frame. Please contact us for pricing and shipping costs.

Our Canvas prints are added to hand-crafted to our wooden frames. Once finished our Canvas prints are ready to be displayed. These are "gallery wrapped" prints. This means,each side of the print is "mirrored" to give the entire print a seamless look and beauty. However, you may wish to have a frame shop of your choice put the Canvas print into a frame. We do not provide frames for our Canvas prints.

Exhibition Premium Lustre

The finest paper produced especially for giclee prints. The print(s) are mounted on foam-core backing with a standard black matte. These print(s) are industry standard sizes thus they can be frame by you or taken to a frame shop for final assembly. The stock black matte is softly mounted to the foam-core. The black matte can be easily removed if you decide on a different color matte and/or material.

11" x 14" - $140.00

16" x 20" - $180.00

24" x 36"- $240.00

We offer a 1 - 1/2" frame if you want a larger depth frame. There is a nominal charge for this larger and heavier wooden frame. Please contact us for pricing and shipping costs.

Taxes not included in above pricing. The destination ship-to state charges taxe will be applied.

All prints are air-dried for twenty four hours. Some prints may require longer drying time depending on humidity, weather and other conditions. Once the prints are dried the surface of the print(s) are treated with Golden's superior preserving spray. The print(s) are allowed to dry for another twenty four hours. This will ensure against UV damage and paint preservation. Print material and ink are guaranteed for 100 years under normal conditions. The print(s) should not be in direct sunlight for a prolonged period of time.

Question: "Can I order prints without the quotes? Answer: Yes of course! The A.R.E. and Kelly Dunn both benefit from each print purchased.

Questions? Comments? Contact us at

Because each print is custom made to your specifications there are no returns or refunds on completed projects.

Rolled-Print Tube Options

Edgar Cayce - Kelly Dunn - Rolled Tubes for Prints

Canvas and Premium Lustre prints can be ordered in free-form. The print(s) will be shipped in a telescopic, hard-plastic tube.

The prices for the Canvas and Premium Lustre remain the same.

One tube can contain a maximum of three (3) Canvas prints.

One tube can contain a maximum of five (5) Premium Lustre prints.

Plus, after you receive your print(s) the tube is yours to keep!

The White Glove Treatment

Edgar Cayce - Kelly Dunn - Complimentary White Gloves

Each print order arrives with a complimentary pair of white cotton gloves. We highly recommend using the gloves when handling the print(s).

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Note: Please do not include any credit card information in your emails.

A representative will contact you during regular business hours, Monday through Friday, 9-5 PM Eastern Standard Time regarding your request. You must include the shipping ZIP code to calculated approximate shipping rates.

Order Confirmation from Kona Coast Media:

All print order requests will be followed up with an Email with image(s) per your request of the quantity, price and shipping cost to confirm the order. Once we receive your Email confirmation we will process the order. All orders whether by phone or Email must be confirmed by an Email reply. This process ensures you the best experience per the print(s) requested.

Payment Options:

We accept all major credit cards, U.S. Postal Money Orders and Personal Checks. Personal Checks must be cleared by the bank before an order can begin.

NOTE: The prints displayed on our website include the A.R.E. logo and copyright information. The logo and copyright information displayed on the images on our website are for Internet identification. Purchased prints do not include the A.R.E. logo or the footer at the bottom of the web page image. The final purchased giclee print will contain the inspirational quote on the print along with the signature of fine art photographer, Kelly Dunn.

Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment


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About kelly dunn

Kelly Dunn - fotógrafo - estados unidos

Kelly Dunn es una naturaleza con sede en Michigan y el fotógrafo de estudio. Su formación incluye estudios y títulos de muchas de las artes liberales, la música, la literatura y la fotografía. Fue introducido a la fotografía en 2005, mientras que la exploración de las pequeñas ciudades y carreteras secundarias de Michigan. Más tarde ese año, él desarrolló sus habilidades durante un viaje por el desierto prístino de pennisula superior de Michigan. Reconocimiento de Kelly Dunn de la naturaleza le inspiró para capturar sus paisajes, en sus muchas formas: crudas, dramáticas o hermoso. Ha sido publicado en revistas en línea y programas de software a pocos. Fotografía de Kelly Dunn pronto será presentado y visto en las aplicaciones de software y de las portadas de revistas alrededor del mundo. Visite la página de la Galería para ver una amplia variedad de impresiones disponibles en la actualidad.


kelly Dunn - photographe - Etats-Unis

Basé dans le Michigan, Kelly Dunn est photographe de nature et studio. Sa formation initiale s’inscrit dans
plusieurs arts libéraux : musique, littérature et photographie. Les petites villes et chemins du Michigan
inspirèrent ses premières photographies en 2005. Cette même année, il développa ses talents en explorant la
nature préservée de l’Upper Peninsula du Michigan. Son goût pour tout ce qui touche à la nature lui inspira de
saisir ses paysages sous tous ses aspects : sauvage, dramatique, émouvant. Ses photos ont déjà parues dans des
galeries et magazines en ligne et seront bientôt présentées dans des applications et en couverture de magazines
dans le monde entier. Vous trouverez une grande variété d’impressions actuellement disponibles dans la page


Kelly Dunn - Fotograf - Vereinigte Staaten

Kelly Dunn ist eine Michigan-based Natur-und Studio-Fotografen. Sein Hintergrund umfasst Studien und Qualifikationen in vielen der freien Künste, Musik, Literatur und Fotografie. Er wurde zur Fotografie im Jahr 2005 eingeführt, während die Erkundung der kleinen Städte und Nebenstraßen von Michigan. Später im selben Jahr entwickelte er seine Fähigkeiten während der Reise die unberührte Wildnis des oberen Pennisula Michigan. Kelly Dunn Wertschätzung der Natur inspirierte ihn zu seiner Landschaften in seinen vielen Erscheinungsformen zu erfassen: roh, dramatischen oder schön. Er hat in Online-Magazinen und einigen Software-Programme veröffentlicht worden. Kelly Dunn Fotografie wird in Kürze vorgestellt und gesehen werden in Software-Anwendungen und-Magazin deckt auf der ganzen Welt. Besuchen Sie die Galerie-Seite, um eine Vielzahl von Abzügen derzeit verfügbaren anzeigen.


קלי דאן - צלם - ארצות הברית

קלי דאן הוא הטבע מישיגן מבוסס וצלם סטודיו. הרקע שלו כולל מחקרים וסייגים ברבות מן הרוח: מוזיקה, ספרות, וצילום. הוא הוצג בשנת 2005 בזמן הצילום לחקור את הערים הקטנות הצדדיות של מישיגן. מאוחר יותר באותה שנה, הוא פיתח את כישוריו תוך כדי נסיעה במדבר וטהור של pennisula העליון של מישיגן. הערכה של קלי דאן הטבע השראה לו ללכוד את נופיה בכל מיני צורות שלה: גלם, דרמטית או יפה. הוא התפרסם במגזינים מקוונים. עבודתו, ניתן לראות ורכש בגלריה Wyland בקונה, הוואי. הדפסיו בקרוב לראות יישומי תוכנה ואחד שערי מגזינים. כדי להציג כמה הדפסים של קלי דאן לעבור לדף גלריה. תודה שהקדשת


كيلي دن - مصور - الولايات المتحدة

كيلي دن هي طبيعة مقرها ميشيجان ومصور الاستوديو. خلفيته يشمل دراسات والمؤهلات في كثير من الفنون الحرة، والموسيقى، والأدب، والتصوير الفوتوغرافي. كان عرض لتصوير في عام 2005 في حين استكشاف المدن الصغيرة وbackroads ميشيغان. في وقت لاحق من ذلك العام، قام بتطوير مهاراته أثناء السفر البرية البكر pennisula ميشيغان العليا. من وحي التقدير كيلي دان من طبيعة له لالتقاط المناظر الطبيعية في الكثير من مظاهرها: الخام، مثيرة أو جميلة. وقد تم نشرها في المجلات على الانترنت. عمله، يمكن أن ينظر والتي تم شراؤها في معرض ايلاند في كونا، هاواي. وسوف يطبع قريبا له أن ينظر إليها في تطبيقات البرمجيات وغلاف مجلة واحدة. لعرض بعض من مطبوعات كيلي دان ذهاب إلى صفحة معرض. شكرا لك أخذ الوقت


ケリー·ダン - 写真家 - 米国

ケリー·ダンは、ミシガン州ベースの性質とのスタジオのカメラマンです。彼の景には、文系の多くの研究と資格を含み、音楽、文学、写真撮影。ミシガン州の小さな町やbackroadsを模索しながら、彼は2005年には写真撮影に導入されました。ミシガン州のアッパーpennisula自然のままの荒野を旅しながら、その年の後半、彼は彼の技術を開発しました。 、生の劇的な、美しい:自然のケリー·ダンの感謝は、彼がその多くの装いでその風景をキャプチャするように促した。彼は、オンラインマガジン、いくつかのソフトウェアプログラムに掲載されました。ケリー·ダンの写真撮影はすぐに特色やソフトウェアアプリケーションに見られると雑誌は、世界中でカバーされます。現在入手可能な印刷物の多種多様を表示するには、ギャラリーページをご覧ください。


凯利邓恩 - 摄影师 - 美国



Kelly Dunn - Fine Art Photographer

Kelly Dunn is a Michigan-based nature and studio photographer. His background includes studies and qualifications of many of the liberal arts, music, literature and photography. It was introduced to photography in 2005 while exploring the small towns and back roads of Michigan. Later that year, he developed his skills during a trip through the pristine wilderness of Michigan's Upper pennisula. Recognition of Kelly Dunn of nature inspired him to capture landscapes, in its many forms: raw, dramatic or beautiful. He has been published in online journals and a few software programs. His photography will soon be presented and seen in software applications and magazine covers around the world. Visit the Gallery to see a wide variety of prints available today.

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